Monday, February 27, 2012

Lots of Funny TV Series, But No Vacations

Well, my husband has been going through some medical issues (issues being the euphemism for the old-fashioned word "problems"), so I haven't been on a jet for ages and I'm on the brink of losing my gypsy badge.  Soon, my guy will be all put back together and we can start traveling again...even if it's just to Tacoma or Bellingham (WA). 

Hey, I really start to get antsy after a few months (or longer) of being at home.  So, I've resorted to the All-American pastime of getting my laughs from watching other people have know...watching people on that silly box called TV.  Well, I never watch TV unless I have control over what goes into my eyeballs...through my command of Netflix DVDs and Netflix instant downloads. 

If you're my age and you think about it, the ole Boob Tube has been through a lot of changes during our lifetimes.  We were born before MTV.  Even before VHS tapes.  Hellaroonie, we're so old we had to wait for Christmastime just to see the Wizard of Oz once a year.

But, now that I have mastery over the programs I watch, TV isn't so bad.  And, lately, I've seen a few silly sitcoms that I think are pretty funny (as long as you don't try to beat the actors to the obvious punchlines and make your spouse yell at you).  My latest forays into sitcomville and miniseriesland:
  • Raising Hope  (Some of the gags may make you barf, so don't watch while eating your TV dinners.  But, I just had a 20-show marathon of Raising Hope.  And, the Chase family seems so normal.)
  • I Shouldn't Be Alive (Oh wait, this isn't supposed to be funny, but I love to watch how those idiots get into those stupid situations.)
  • Sister Wives (This is the only reality show I've ever liked.  It's like a constant therapy session.)
  • The Borgias (Okay, it's not a comedy, but sometimes...)
  • Big Love (The fictional version of Sister Wives.)
  • Nurse Jackie (Yeah. Only funny when Jackie is bantering with that female doctor.)
  • Inside NASCAR (No, I've never seen this, but I'm looking forward to laughing all the way through it.)
Hey, when you haven't had a TV for years, all of those silly reruns of "Friends" are not reruns.  Of course, the humor goes under my I've only watched one or two episodes of "Friends" and I don't feel deprived at all. 

Here's to becoming Jet Gypsy (again) someday soon.  What do you watch when you can't take a vacation?

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