Monday, October 31, 2011

Zombies vs Babies

Similarities between zombies and babies:

*Sparse, messy head of hair
*Incomplete set of teeth
*Constant oral excretions
*Speaks in moans/screams
*Sharp, dirt-caked nails
*"Funk of 40,000 years" aroma
*Insatiable, aggressive appetite
*Worn, ill-fitting clothes
*Clumsy, random motor skills
*Unstable, lurching walk
*General Attributes - Messy eater, no sense of right or wrong, Bent on destruction, keeps you awake at night in fear, can turn others into a zombie

(I ripped this from the internet. If you created this, let me know so I can give you credit. Normally, I don't pilfer, but this was soooooo good.)

Song of the Day: The Monster Mash

Saturday, October 29, 2011

One of the Coolest Documentaries of All Time

The Nature of Existence

The Nature of Existence:
If you're like me and you like documentaries, you'll like this movie.  It's on Netflix Instant.

This guy who made the flick goes around the world and asks all kinds of interesting people (scientists, clergy, kids, waitresses, Satanists, New Agers, soapbox preachers...) questions like, "What is the meaning of life?" All I can say is: The answer is probably G.

A. What Christians believe.
B. What Buddhists believe.
C. What Jews believe.
D. What Muslims believe.
E. What Aetheists believe.
F. What Jet Gypsy believes.
G. All of the above.

Song of the Day: Faith (Accoustic Style)

Can You Read This?

If you're an artist, you probably can read this.

Well, the first time I saw this "text", I had no problem reading the first line. The last line took a few seconds. So, I'm wondering if artists see the world in a different way than normal people do. This writing looks fairly normal to me.

*If you squint or stand back, the text is easier for normal people (non-artists) to read.

The Song of the Day: Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Italian Gothic Tour - NYT Article is Spooky-Cool

After reading a NYT's article about Gothic Italian sites, I've figured out my next trip to Italy. Well...I haven't explained these plans to my husband yet, because he just wants to see tourist sites and then check them off his list:
  • Eiffel Tower - Check
  • Leaning Tower - Check
  • Tower of London - Check.
  • Okay, we're ready to tackle Asia.....
I, on the other hand, look for more intensive travels. No, I probably won't be able to get my travel partner to go to all of the spooky Goth sites on this NYT's list, but I will add one or two if possible. The travel article also has some excellent ideas for novels...Gothic writings...that I've never heard of. It's just so nice to know that there are other people who travel more for the experience than for the Facebook photos. 

The link for the article is further down, but here are some pictorial highlights that I've put together from the NYTs article:

Need to read - I'm not a Goth so this looks like fun.

Mosaic in spooky Cathedral of Otranto, a city that celebrates some seriously scary stuff.

Padua - Wow, this looks beautiful. I've only been to Rome, Venice, Florence, and a few Italian cruise ports.

I think I'll be just about ready for Italy next October.

Here's the link for the NYT's travel article and some ghoulish photos of The Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco Church in Naples and the Capuchin Crypt in Rome.

Song of the Day: Don't Fear the Reaper (Eeeeeek!)

Music Helps Alzheimers and Mild Cognitive Impairment

"The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function reports that early research on the therapeutic effects of music indicates that it may help improve scores on cognitive function tests. It is also widely believed that music improves the mood, alertness and quality of life ... (of peeps w/ Alzheimers or Mild Cognitive Impairment blah blah)"

Let's try it with some Jimi Hendrix.

The article continues:

"The sessions that (some guy) held with the residents were amazing. As the group of individuals around the table focused and articulated past memories, as well as the tunes that go with them, clear recollections poured out about first dances.......choirs and love songs. Observing the group and listening to their memories, you would not believe that they are living with Alzheimer’s disease."

OMG. They're right! I feel much more lucid now. Gimme that Mensa Test.

Wow...I was about ready to go to Lourdes.  (Hope this post gave you a laugh...or a groan.)
Read the rest at Music Has Theraputic Effects Bla Bla Bla

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My 10 Favorite Ports of Call - Cruising Tina's Way

I'm in need of a vacay, so I thought I'd tell you my favorite cruise ports just for the fun of it.  (Thinking about vacations is almost as much fun as going on them.)
First of all, I want to mention that my fave cruise line is Oceania. My second fave is Princess or any ship where we have a group of friends....on any any sea.  And, I get mildly seasick even in small swells, so the ports have to be good.


1. Best Port of Call - Venice: Sure, there shouldn't be cruise ships to pollute that lovely, ethereal land, but ships go to Venice and Venice rocks. The only bad thing is embarkation. I was in Venice for a few days and then I had to leave. Bummer.

2. Corsica: I don't know why I love Corsica so much more than other spots in the Med, but I do. I like the stone steps between the old stone buildings and the way it all feels so ancient. Hey, I'm from the West Coast. We think the Space Needle is old.

3. Capri: Well, you don't really stop in Capri; you stop in Naples and take a boat over. It looks like the kind of place where you will see Sophia Lauren sitting at a nearby table. Well, you might see a wannabe.

4. Auckland NZ: You will never meet so many nice, friendly people as you will in NZ. I also, liked all of the other ports, especially Tauranga and (forgot the name) the port in the south with the big uni.

5. Sydney: There is nothing about Sydney that's not to like. Just leave your husband at home, because the men are gorgeous.

6. The port in Turkey (Kushdaasi or Kusadasi?) where you go to Ephesus. If you want old ruins, forget Pompeii and go to Ephesus. Those are the best ruins I've ever seen. I did not want to leave...and they're still digging.  It may be better every time you go back.

7. Talinn Estonia: The surprise port was Talinn. Who knew? It has a fairytale castle. Just ignore the Russian era buildings and factories. I would have stayed for days. Very artsy in feel.

8. Hong Kong: I didn't cruise there but it's a fabulous city. I'm sure you can find a ship to take you there.

9. Quebec City: It's a bit of old France in the middle of nowhere.

10. Honolulu: I've lived on Oahu twice so it was nice to get off in a city I knew. The place is so crowded now, but it's still a great beach. And, no sharks. Where should I go next?  Should I cruise?  Should I try my first European river cruise? (yes!)  Should I go to Eastern Europe and hope I can read the signs? 

Here are some articles about cruise wear.  I didn't realize I was such an expert on the subject until women recognized me on my last cruise.  It was very cool.  And, I hope my advice helps you pack the right stuff:

Sexy Plus Size Cruise Wear: Cocktail and Formal Dresses  

Daytime Cruise Wear for Women With Style 

Women's Travel Cruise Wear Online: Chicks Over 40 or 50  

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Does Your Grandchild Want Tech Toys?

Here are the top 4 tech toys (computer games) for iPad and iPod. If you follow the links at the bottom of the suite101 page, you will find lots of non-tech toys.  It's time to get serious about Christmas / Hanukkah:

Click for article -> Toys R Us Top 4 Kids Game Apps for Christmas 2011 and I'll be adding more about kids' toys in the next few days. It takes me longer than most to write about products because, rather than regurgitating other people's ideas, I do research.

Song of the Day: Gary Numan's Cars