Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Am Going Back to Paris

I was in Paris last month. Now, I am going back with my two adult daughters. They have never been to Paris (one of them has never been to Europe) and it is going to be a blast even though we are only going for 5 days.

I don't know if I can keep up with them. I didn't have my kids until my mid thirties. Both of my girls are in their mid twenties. Hopefully, I can teach them how to use the Metro and give them a carnet of tickets and a map.

They have never been to the Louvre Museum.
Louvre and the Tuileries Park - photo

My daughters have never been to the Tuileries. It's my favorite park. Actually, no. My favorite park is at Versaille, but we can walk to the Louvre or take a Metro from our hotel.

They have never seen the painting of Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix.

They have never hung out with me to have some hot chocolate at Place des Vosge. Or wandered around to see the little shops in the neighborhood.

My daughters have never been to Musee d'Orsay. Or eaten a real croissant or Croque Monsieur. (Forgive my spelling. I'm too tired to check) Or had a cold Orangina at a sidewalk cafe. There are so many things to see that I don't even know where to start. However, I know that this will be an amazing vacation. 

Here are 5 phrases to remember if you're going to Paris: 

Tips on Manners for Shopping in France

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Moisturizers and Makeup for Older Skin

Moisturizers for Older Skin: Photo Kaliko
You may be tired of hearing about my trip to Paris, but I'm already trying to accumulate enough miles to go back. I am hoping to take my daughters to France to show them a little about culture in a civilized country. The older I get, the less likely I will be able to travel on the cheap, so it may be now or never.
Lancome Genifique Nutrics
Anyway, when I was in Paris, I promised myself that I would be very, very good and not buy anything. I was almost very, very good. The only things I bought were two skin moisturizers and one cleanser for dry skin. If you have ever seen the skin of a Parisian woman, you know that skin is more of a priority than clothing or makeup or anything.

 So, here is an article about the great Lancome products I bought. All of the goodies in the article below are just a little bit different than the Lancome products you can buy at If you can find the products that are "made in France", get those. If not, try the stuff from Nordstrom, Sephora, or other American websites...and let me know if you think they are as good. I've only tried the French versions and the labels show different ingredients.

 Well, I have never liked any moisturizer. Yet, I love Lancome Genefique Nutrics, so check around to find an international website.

The Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin is Lancome From France

 These other articles talk about my favorite foundation makeup (from France, of course) and other cosmetics that my fashionista daughter says are popular in Beverly Hills...the place where the only thing that matters is how good you look.

The Best Cosmetic Brands for Face Makeup

The Best Mascara for Longer Thicker Eyelashes

The Best Eyeliners for Bigger or Smokey Eyes
Most Baby Boomers don't have the time or money to do eyelash extensions, but if your daughter is getting married or you're going to your high school reunion...well, that might make it worthwhile.
False Eyelashes or Eyelash Extensions for Beauty

Song of the Day: Edith Piaf's La Foule

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What to Wear to Paris if You Want to Be a Chic Woman Traveler Over 40 & 50

I just got back from Paris about a week ago...maybe a bit longer. It was recent enough that I still long for a crumbly, light, fluffy croissant every morning and a small piece of European cheese to go with it. Give me that combo and an Orangina and I'm happy. It doesn't take much...why can't I find anything like that in Seattle?
photo: food_in_mouth
Anyway, I've been writing about what the chic Parisians were wearing. In the past, I've been to Paris in the high summer months and at the end of September. Fortunately, this time, I threw some black garments in my suitcase at the last minute or I would have had to stay in my room. Only a few colors seem to be allowed during the colder months and the main color is BLACK. You can get away with gray, brown, khaki, and other muted or dark colors, as long as you don't wear anything that makes you stand out. Oh, I also saw navy blue and other dark blues worn with black.

Warning: The following photo of me is really bad. I swelled up from medication and I don't know when I'll be normal again....but I'm fearless in posting photos.

Here is that photo of me shopping for cosmetics on the Champs Elysees in the middle of March. At least my stockings and my boots were black. (The stripes are a shopping bag.)

People stared at me. I mean that people stared at me and took photos. I actually heard one woman say in English, "I think what she's wearing is cute." And, of course, she had to be replying to someone else saying something like, "What is that woman wearing?" God only knows what the French were saying. They talk so softly (and so quickly) that I can catch a few words here and there, but not all.

Okay, I don't really mind. Actually, a guy in Montmartre (straight guy) came up to take photos of me because he thought I looked "cute". Well, that was a weird experience.

Anyway, you should not wear too many colors (such as two non-black colors) unless you don't mind the extra attention. Personally, I don't think my outfit is bad. It's just different. And, I'm not a model. I'm a 58 y/o Baby Boomer from the West Coast.

What to Wear in Paris if You Don't Want to Look Like a Tourist:

Well, you can learn from my slight faux pas. If you want to look like a chic Parisian, chic American, chic Italian, chic Brit, etc. when you are on holiday/vacation, you will find the answers in the following articles:

What to Wear in Paris in Early Spring or Late Fall

Paris Street Style for Women Over 40 & 50

How to Dress in Paris Using Layers and Accessories

Women Over 40 or 50: Parisian Women's Style is in the Details

And, I thought I'd throw in something about handbags and shoes. I knew my flowered cloth handbag was going to be "unique", but I didn't think it would make people stare. Actually, my bag might have been acceptable in summer, when everyone lightens up about wearing that "black uniform"...but I had never been to Paris when it was the end of winter, so I didn't realize what it was like.  Learn from what I saw:

Comfortable Shoes for Women: Travel Footwear for Walking Europe

Extra Large Leather Handbags Worn by Chic Parisian Women

 There will be more articles about Paris. And, you don't need to be in Paris to use French fashion rules. With some minor adjustments, everything I saw in Paris could be worn in Texas, Seattle, New York, or San Francisco. It might even work in Montana. However, I wouldn't try it in Miami or Honolulu. People might think you are in mourning.

Song of the Day: Le Vent Nous Portera