Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Be Cooler Than Shizzit

Hey, Demi Moore's a Boomer and she looks pretty good.  Of course, she has an army of surgeons, stylists, and everyday handlers who will tell her when she has lipstick on her teeth.  For the rest of us, there's hats and accessories.  I like to call my way of dressing, "Smoke and Mirrors".  You can use my methods to cover/camouflage your "bad parts" and shift people's attention to your "good parts". 

Well, I've found a video that I love and I will watch it every day.  Of course, it's easier to be a bit zany in NYC or SF, but all of us can gain a bit of courage from watching this video:

The Countess of Glamour

Notice the hats, glasses, and accessories on the old birds in the video.  Both hats and glasses can be used to great effect and help deflect people's eyes away from your wrinkles.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peace on Earth - One Friend at a Time

I love this video.  You will too.

Click Here: Watch This.  You Will Definitely Share This

Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby Boomers ARE NOT Dead Yet, Baby!

The Face of Middle Age - Wikimedia Commons
Here's a post from my writer pal, Brenda. She gives some examples of the ways marketers and politicians misread (or ignore) the Baby Boomer cohort. And, far from being dead, Boomers are alive and ready to kick booty...while taking no prisoners.

Ignore the affluent (in aggregate) Boomer market at your own peril, GenX. We are used to having advertisers pander to us and we don't like being called Seniors or being called old.

The blog post: Baby Boomers Are Not Dead Yet

By the way, not all Boomers look like the photo above. Demi Moore is a Late Boomer.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Baby Boomer's Life in Fashion and Music

Some of my fondest Boomer memories include fabulous 60s hats with boho outfits. But, I also remember the Mod 60s. And, I actually loved the 70s and disco...but the freaking 80s with those big shoulders still give me nightmares. So, take a walk on the wild side, my fine young friends.

I have to redo a lot of articles and a lot of memories, but here are some of the articles I've found on my site... lots of articles were lost, so it might take a while to redo some of this.

1960s Fashion and Music:

60's Fashion Style: 1964 Mod Dresses, Go Go Boots, Quant, Beatles

Mellow Songs from the 60's

This is my friend's article: My Daddy Didn't Take the T-Bird Away


Hippie Clothes: How Did Hippie Fashion Start?
1970s in Fashion and Music:

1980s in Music and a Tiny Bit of Fashion:


Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Presents for Baby Boomers

Here are some ideas for presents for your favorite Baby Boomers.  One is pure nostalgia. Another is a book that will help when planning future cruises.  And, I’m getting so old, I can’t remember the others. 

So, read about them here:  Christmas Gifts for Baby Boomers.  Actually, all I want for Christmas...or a condo in Hawaii and world peace.  (Just thought I'd make it simple.)

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Cold Song

It was just way too cold at the dog park today.  Sure, the sun was out.  Sure, I was dressed all wrong.  No, there wasn’t any snow.  But, even the dogs looked cold, and they were wearing their fur coats!

I should have worn my snow jacket.

Fortunately, I have found a song that will help convey how it felt at Marymoor Park today.  (Yeah, I know this song is more about death than about cold…but I feel frozen like Klaus.)

Song of the Day: The Cold Song.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baby Boomer News

This Boomer has evil, glinty eyes
Every now and then, I like to search online for “Baby Boomers” in Google News or Bing News, and I just found something interesting.  As usual, Baby Boomers with evil, "greedy, glinty eyes", are responsible for someone’s unhappiness…in Auckland.  And, Auckland is one of my favorite cities in the world.  Kiwis are the nicest, friendliest people in the entire world.  (Well, I haven’t seen all of the world, but I’ve seen a lot of it.)

So, here’s the article Baby Boomers, a Plague on All Your Houses...along with a suggestion for the author: Why don't you just blame your mom and dad like a normal person. 

Catherine, my first house was $179,000 in 1982 dollars (US) and we really couldn't afford it, but we didn't want to raise our future children in an LA barrio at a time when drive-bys were rampant.  I was in my thirties, and our house was a dung-hole in Huntington Beach...nowhere near the beach.  So, Catherine, I feel your pain, but suck it up like the rest of us. 

No one "owes" you a freaking house. 

Song of the Day: Your Song.  Catherine, I did not know one person (when this song came out) who could afford a house, and if you will kindly listen to the lyrics, you might understand that most Boomers could only dream of having a place with a little yard where they could grow their own organic veggies.  That one line about the house was what made this song popular.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

You Gotta Give Love to Get Love - Using Links

If you are a writer, here is a pathway to the most intelligent, cogent article about search engines and links that I've ever read...and I've read a lot of them.  Yes, the article I want you to study (and think about) explains basic, online marketing principles to artists; however, anyone fumbling about for their own 15 minutes (or 4 minutes) of fame can use these same fundamentals…yadda, yadda, yadda. 

Sure, you’ve heard this all before.  But, the difference is that this writer doesn’t hide behind SEO jargon.  This writer uses creative visualization to make his point.

Here’s the down and dirty: The article “Link and You Shall be Linked” says that you need to give love in the form of outbound links in order to get love in the form of inbound links.  And, inbound links are the hard currency of the internet.  Well, it just so happens that I’ve discovered the same thing (this week) as I’ve been learning to work Twitter.  (I must be the100th monkey.)

So, if you’re serious about your writing, read about how you can get more traffic to your website  I know you’ve read a boatload of boring articles about keywords and SEO, but this one is worth your time.  And, of course, I must confess that I found the article “Link and You Shall be Linked” through a link.

Song of the day: Love the One You’re With