Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Be Cooler Than Shizzit

Hey, Demi Moore's a Boomer and she looks pretty good.  Of course, she has an army of surgeons, stylists, and everyday handlers who will tell her when she has lipstick on her teeth.  For the rest of us, there's hats and accessories.  I like to call my way of dressing, "Smoke and Mirrors".  You can use my methods to cover/camouflage your "bad parts" and shift people's attention to your "good parts". 

Well, I've found a video that I love and I will watch it every day.  Of course, it's easier to be a bit zany in NYC or SF, but all of us can gain a bit of courage from watching this video:

The Countess of Glamour

Notice the hats, glasses, and accessories on the old birds in the video.  Both hats and glasses can be used to great effect and help deflect people's eyes away from your wrinkles.

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