Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Baby Boomer's Life in Fashion and Music

Some of my fondest Boomer memories include fabulous 60s hats with boho outfits. But, I also remember the Mod 60s. And, I actually loved the 70s and disco...but the freaking 80s with those big shoulders still give me nightmares. So, take a walk on the wild side, my fine young friends.

I have to redo a lot of articles and a lot of memories, but here are some of the articles I've found on my site... lots of articles were lost, so it might take a while to redo some of this.

1960s Fashion and Music:

60's Fashion Style: 1964 Mod Dresses, Go Go Boots, Quant, Beatles

Mellow Songs from the 60's

This is my friend's article: My Daddy Didn't Take the T-Bird Away


Hippie Clothes: How Did Hippie Fashion Start?
1970s in Fashion and Music:

1980s in Music and a Tiny Bit of Fashion:


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