Thursday, October 27, 2011

My 10 Favorite Ports of Call - Cruising Tina's Way

I'm in need of a vacay, so I thought I'd tell you my favorite cruise ports just for the fun of it.  (Thinking about vacations is almost as much fun as going on them.)
First of all, I want to mention that my fave cruise line is Oceania. My second fave is Princess or any ship where we have a group of friends....on any any sea.  And, I get mildly seasick even in small swells, so the ports have to be good.


1. Best Port of Call - Venice: Sure, there shouldn't be cruise ships to pollute that lovely, ethereal land, but ships go to Venice and Venice rocks. The only bad thing is embarkation. I was in Venice for a few days and then I had to leave. Bummer.

2. Corsica: I don't know why I love Corsica so much more than other spots in the Med, but I do. I like the stone steps between the old stone buildings and the way it all feels so ancient. Hey, I'm from the West Coast. We think the Space Needle is old.

3. Capri: Well, you don't really stop in Capri; you stop in Naples and take a boat over. It looks like the kind of place where you will see Sophia Lauren sitting at a nearby table. Well, you might see a wannabe.

4. Auckland NZ: You will never meet so many nice, friendly people as you will in NZ. I also, liked all of the other ports, especially Tauranga and (forgot the name) the port in the south with the big uni.

5. Sydney: There is nothing about Sydney that's not to like. Just leave your husband at home, because the men are gorgeous.

6. The port in Turkey (Kushdaasi or Kusadasi?) where you go to Ephesus. If you want old ruins, forget Pompeii and go to Ephesus. Those are the best ruins I've ever seen. I did not want to leave...and they're still digging.  It may be better every time you go back.

7. Talinn Estonia: The surprise port was Talinn. Who knew? It has a fairytale castle. Just ignore the Russian era buildings and factories. I would have stayed for days. Very artsy in feel.

8. Hong Kong: I didn't cruise there but it's a fabulous city. I'm sure you can find a ship to take you there.

9. Quebec City: It's a bit of old France in the middle of nowhere.

10. Honolulu: I've lived on Oahu twice so it was nice to get off in a city I knew. The place is so crowded now, but it's still a great beach. And, no sharks. Where should I go next?  Should I cruise?  Should I try my first European river cruise? (yes!)  Should I go to Eastern Europe and hope I can read the signs? 

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