Friday, January 14, 2011

NEW POST: Bathing Suits and Swimwear for Chicks Over 40 & 50

Fifty Plus: Black print bandeau swimsuit - from £40

I feel your pain when it comes to shopping for a swimsuit that fits your delicious Baby Boomer body.

However, if you are having a hard time with real pain, when you walk or move in certain ways, you might need to get out of the cold weather for a while. Sometimes, you can break the cycle by spending a few days in a town with warm weather. 

You need to do whatever you can to find a cheap cruise or an all-inclusive resort in a warm climate.  It doesn't have to be all tony or swank.  You will get the same health benefits even if you stay in an inexpensive joint or sleep on a friend's couch.  Walking in the hot, humid air of Hawaii feels like being in a warm whirlpool tub. 

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