Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bummer - European Travel Has Not Dropped in Price

Even though the Euro has fallen relative to the dollar, I just read (in USA Today) that European trips have not fallen in price.  How can that be?  Our currency is stronger than theirs. 

Normally, I travel (everywhere) in the off season.  Well, I haven't taken many trips lately because my husband has had three surgeries, my dog has had one, and my dog needs another one.  Not only does this type of thing cut into travel time, these surgeries cost a tremendous amount of money.  Yes, we love our dog, but you wouldn't believe how much money we're spending on him.  He has something like hip dysplasia and they need to break both back legs and reset them.  It's not like he's an old pup...he's two-years old.

Anyway, I travel during the off season because:
  • It's cheaper.
  • There are less tourists.
But, why aren't vacations to Europe getting cheaper?  In theory, we should all be flocking to the continent to get the biggest bang for our buck. Here are the reasons according to USA Today:
  • The Euro hasn't dropped enough to make Americans change their plans.
  • Airfare is at a 10-year high.
  • Summer hotel rates haven't fallen, even in financially strapped countries like Ireland, Italy and Spain.  (Well, you can get cheaper rates in Greece, but no one wants to go to a country with riots.)
Also, everyone with big bucks seems to be going to London for QE's Diamond Jubilee and for the Olympics..so the mucky-mucks are probably adding a quick jaunt to the continent via the chunnel to their itineraries.  Hey, I love a good party as much as the next guy or girl, but what's more important: the Queen or my dog?

So, this year, my husband and I are seeing the good ole USA in our Chevrolet (actually, it's a Toyota, but you know what I mean).  We have visited relatives in Ottawa (not technically the USA, but close) and New Hampshire.  And, if you're thinking about tootling about in either of these areas, I will be adding articles about Ottawa and NH when I get a chance.  Look for them on Boomerinas.com.

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Amy R. said...

May I email you privately? I am preparing for a year abroad... I have been reading your various articles. I am needing to revamp my entire closet and I am overwhelmed by the choices. I appreciate your insights.