Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yay, Now I Have More Followers

I now have more followers.  For a while, I only had one.  However, I've finally found the part of the dashboard that allows me to alter my layout, so it's a moot point.  Thank G-d!

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Jekorb said...

Dear Christina: I am marrying my second husband of almost 29 years in the Catholic Church next March. We just want a small wedding of family/friends (maybe 50-60). Did you have the full reception? You were a beautiful bride, but I am wearing a purple gown (which I don't like but which my spouse said to wear b/c I "didn't need another dress". *sigh* That's another story. I just want to know what you did regarding a reception. Thank you!

Jet Gypsy said...

Dear Jekorb, I started to write a reply here, but my comment got so long that I decided to write a post, so go up the page to a more recent blog date.

Highlights: A purple dress sounds lovely if that's what you want to wear. Yes, I had a dinner reception at a cheapie Italian restaurant and it was tons o' fun.