Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding Ideas for Indie Brides

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Wedding Ideas for Indie Brides
I have been married more than once.  And, though your "big day" will be big to you, to the rest of us it's just another wedding.  Sure, we're happy for you.  Sure, we want all of your dreams to come true.  However, we don't want a long, tedious ceremony and (I think I speak for most of us) we want to get to the party part as soon as possible.

Anyway, here are some ideas about ways to cut costs (hippie boho wedding - indie dresses - yes, I lived in Haight Ashbury briefly, in the 60s) and other ideas about having fun.  Sure, a wedding is a solemn occasion, but it's also a joyous occasion.  So, let's get this party started.

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Wedding Ideas for Boho Chic Hippie Weddings
Bohemian Vintage Wedding Dresses - Low Cost Marriage Hippie Style

Inexpensive Gothic Wedding Dresses in Black, Red, and Purple

Wedding Dresses for Older Brides: Boomers Over 40

All White Outfits for Women: Spring Summer 2011 Trends

Bridal Hats and Veils: Wedding Hats for the Bride (younger brides should check out the top hats)

Beach Chic Weddings:

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Wedding Ideas for Casual Beach Weddings
I have been to two beach weddings, although I've never had one of those.  The wedding in Hawaii was a brunch affair and very elegant.  The second wedding was at some swank hotel in Newport Beach.  I think it was there or it could have been further south.  Anyway, the California beach wedding was in the evening.  You can't imagine two weddings that were more different.  Well, I have seen other people's weddings that were very casual, and they were extremely different from the ones I'm talking about, but I wasn't invited to those super casual weddings and I was just a Lookie-Lou. 

Actually, a friend and I crashed a wedding reception at Shilshole Marina (near a beach in Seattle) in the 70s.  Does that count as a "beach wedding"?  Patricia and I were bored, and I think that we did the right thing.  There were quite a few single guys who were just hanging around looking bored, so we had some drinks, ate some shrimp and other goodies, danced with the guys, ate some cake, then left before we were busted.  (We were the original wedding crashers.) 

Casual Beach Wedding Dresses

Casual Beach Wedding Flower Girl Dresses for Toddlers & Girls

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding in Hawaii: Guest Attire for Women

How to Wear a Hat - Women's Hat Etiquette at Restaurants, Parties

Beach Cover Ups for Women: Plus Size Tunic Dress, Caftan, Sarong

Second or Third or Fourth or Whatever:

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Wedding Dress Ideas for Second Weddings
There is nothing wrong with getting remarried.  Heck, these days, it's rare that anyone even bothers to get married.  I'm always happy to hear of anyone's wedding or to hear that someone is having a baby.  Everything is so different from the 70s and the 80s.  So many couples are marriage-phobic.  Are gays the only people who want to tie the knot?

Remarriage After Divorce - Second Marriage Wedding Dresses 

Summer Maxi Dresses for Women Over 40 & 50

Second Marriage - Should I Wear a Colored or White Wedding Dress?

Thank You Cards - Real Life:

How to Write a Thank You Note: Wedding Thank You Cards & Samples


Judith said...

I am very excited to have found you. I too wear a hat every day and blog about hats, outfits, aging and cancer caregiving at I believe you must be a kindred spirit with your statement, "Never leave home without a hat"

Jet Gypsy said...

Always happy to have more hat wearers on this planet.