Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Mother of the Bride Dress - Frank Usher

I am still holding my breath and waiting to wear something befitting (or not befitting) a mother of the bride.  I'm a 58-year-old Baby Boomer Chick and I can't hold my breath much longer or I shall expire. 

Being the hat freak that I am, I am going to wear a hat when I am a mum of the bride.  And, I'm going to wear a feathery fascinator when the dancing starts.  I am totally obsessed with hats.  I want to be Louise Green or the Royal Milliner or Hatter or whatever it's called in my next life.

Mother of the Bride Hats - Frank Usher

Why do I love hats?  I have crummy, fine, thin hair and it hastn't gotten any thicker over the years.  And, I love dress up.  And, I'm a former hippie.  And, life is short...

Anyway, here are some articles that you might want to read if your daughter has just announced her engagement to what's his face.

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Elegant Mother of the Bride Dresses: Plus Size

Have fun and drink too much - for me.

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