Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Fashion 2012 for Boomer Women

Steampunk Jewelry for Women Who Are Older

I've been writing about fall fashions from the perspective of an older woman... namely myself.  And, most of the articles are on my website, natch.  So, here's what I've come up with lately.

Steampunk Fashion for Women Over 40 or 50:  Okay, stop laughing.  I'm serious.  Steampunk isn't just for Halloween anymore.  It's creeping into mainstream stores.  And, I for one... well... I actually like it.  I only have a few mildly Victorian pieces - hats, boots, skirts - but I will be adding more goodies to my arsenal.  (Does anyone know where I could get a pith helmet that would be safe enough to use as a bike helmet?)

How to Wear a Hat - Rules & Etiquette for Women:  Oh gee, notice the Steampunk hat in the photo.  What a coincidence.  Haha.

Helen Mirren: Celebrity Style for Older Women:  No, I won't get into the "Did she or didn't she have a facelift?" debate.  People in Hollywood have facelifts all the time.  Did you actually think that movie stars were from another planet where people never age?  In my Helen Mirren article I talk about what we can learn from Ms Mirren's fashion sense.

Hot Boots for Fall 2012: Women Over 40 or 50:  I guess this article is self explanatory.  However, I will mention that lace-up, Victorianish booties fit snugly around your ankle, but not too snugly, because you can adjust the fit.  This is important for women (of a certain "oldish" age) whose feet and ankles swell up for various reasons... women who still want to wear heels and want the stability of boots so they don't end up tripping down the stairs and spraining their ankles.  Yes, I have done that (twice) in disco-platform shoes.  It's not fun.

Okay, that's it.  Go read my articles, will ya?

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